The AAFM was formed by professional members of the “floodplain management community”,interested citizens and representatives of groups or organizations interested in or affected byfloodplains. The group realized that most often the public is aware of and concerned only aboutpost disaster effects of a flood or hurricane and is generally unaware that floodplain management,correctly applied and maintained, can reduce, mitigate and in some cases prevent the humansuffering and property damage resulting from these disasters. This group was interested in creatinga non-governmental entity to serve as the lead organization in Alabama to increase and improveeducation and training opportunities for the floodplain management community and the publicand to design and implement strategies to increase public awareness and knowledge of floodplains.

An organizational meeting was held in Montgomery, Alabama, on January 24, 2008, with 38 people attending. The group made several important decisions: 1) to proceed with forming the organization,2) to name the organization the Alabama Association of Floodplain Managers, 3) to incorporate in theState of Alabama, 4) to consult an attorney and file for tax exempt status with the IRS, 5) to approvedraft by-laws (the desire of the group was to create a broad-based organization available to all citizensinterested or involved in or affected by floodplain management and insisted that membership classes inthe by-laws reflect those concerns) and 6) to elect officers and Directors.

The Board of Directors met immediately and took the following action: 1) instructed the presidentto contact an attorney to review the draft by-laws to assure they were sufficient to incorporate andqualify for tax exempt status, 2) began planning a membership recruitment campaign, 3) appointed amembership committee and 4) appointed a committee to plan the first conference and membershipmeeting in the fall of 2008.

The first conference and membership meeting was held October 20-22, 2008 in Auburn, Alabamaattended by over 100 people. The primary focus of the conference was education of attendeeswhether members or non-members. Presentations covered a wide range of topics of interest to thegeneral public, community development groups, environmental protection groups, local floodplain administrators, certified floodplain managers and professionals in the floodplain management community.

The first membership meeting held October 22, 2008, was well attended. The agenda included adoptionof the by-laws, election of officers and directors, a financial report, future directions of AAFM, a generaldiscussion of the conference format and the type of meetings and educational sessions the membershipwould prefer. The membership approved holding two statewide educational sessions each year, fall andspring with the fall meeting being a 2 1/2-day conference format meeting including the AAFM annual meeting. The spring meeting could be similar to the fall meeting without the annual meeting or a one-seminar depending on the subject matter needing to be addressed.

The Spring Seminar in Montgomery, Alabama, on April 8, 2009 covering the FEMA Flood InsuranceProgram and explanation of the forms and procedures recently adopted by FEMA was attended byeighty people.

The 2009 Fall Conference and Membership Meeting was held on October 19 – 21, 2009 at Auburn,Alabama with 125 people attending.

The 2010 Spring Seminar In Montgomery, Alabama. on April 29, 2009, with 86 people attending.